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December 28, 2015 | Author: Drocher | Category: Levitra Sale image 2

I know how these games were and how they were maintained at all levels, because he worked for many years in the party structures, passing through all the steps from an ordinary clerk to head of the department in a leading newspaper - the organ of the Central Committee of the CPSU. I was levitra for sale taught a good teacher, and for twenty years I have perfectly mastered the rules, according to which the building in the Old Square, as well as in the Lubyanka, in addition to the case, could only talk about two things - about vodka and about women.

But never - about politics and their superiors. Why even Stalin loved jokes about women, but I could not stand politics? Because the policy was about it. But one day I got tired of it all, and I had had enough to engage in a public masturbation. Fortunately, conditions have changed and the country, for which I am quite sincerely grateful to Gorbachev, though I can not stand any politicians and do not cherish absolutely no interest in their business and life. And I asked for help from Mr. Atiku Zaman, president of the American consortium "levitra cupon", showed him a draft of his ideas on the publication of a non-political newspaper, Zaman and supported the idea. The newspaper is still out with his participation. Not material, the question we address ourselves, but we know if and suddenly have financial problems, Mr Zaman help us. We started to publish a newspaper, in which he spoke the language of cuisine, street bars, which discusses the problems are clear and close to everyone - whether it be a beggar in the transition, whether the owner of the "Mercedes" and a mansion in the green zone.

And the letters we get are the levitra cupon - candid and totally human. For example, a young lieutenant colonel, who two years ago lost his wife and son in a car accident, he is somewhere in the "point" in the Arctic and in the thirty-one is forced to exist without women - wrote me about his grief and asks for help to find him companion, because he was tired of being alone. We are interested in the officer with his private life, interesting masochist who is not afraid of us be frank, interesting lesbian with her problems and love ... Levitra online, I repeat, it is not interesting to Yeltsin with his private life because of Yeltsin wrote all the newspapers, as well as about Khasbulatov, Gorbachev, Rutskoi ... We could prepare the material on their personal life, paying a good reporter to ten thousand dollars, and is connected to this case all of its channels, order levitra we do not need. Not only because the reader is fed up with the same names, but also because of the "do no harm" principle.

In our country's disenfranchised newspaper publication can still be a weapon against the policy in the hands of his enemies, and we would not want to become a weapon. Writing about privacy Zhvanetskogo - please about Pugacheva - as they want, because they are in any policy Zvanetskiy and Pugacheva. What with the fact that all the press picked up hi - why Alla obmaterila ushers in a Leningrad hotel. Yes, did the right thing obmaterila, I would have levitra for sale them even further for the rudeness that they allow in relation to us. So Alla Borisovna from Haya raised by newspapers, neither cold nor hot is not, because it - and worse Pugacheva will not sing. We are interested in such Pugacheva, interesting Michele Placido, which reflects the example of his relationship with his daughter about why fathers tend to sleep with order levitra their daughters. These themes are read in one breath and cause a lot of thank-you notes from people who lack confidence tone and human conversation. Last year, the Moscow TV channel we had and its transmission, which is also called "Private Lives". It raised topics that TV simply never told - the same blue, lesbians ... Then the transmission once the screen is gone and no longer appeared. And today's TV - it is just terrible. Why are audiences so love the rich, who are crying, or Izaura? Yes, because the rich do not cry, and do television viewers, they understand the challenges that are played in this series, similar themes and language, because it all - privacy, and what's the difference - where it takes place, in Mexico or village Zadryuchkovo. I do not like our television and very angry at him, because today it is - the same newspaper that informs - and all.

The somewhere more corpses - the better, the more powerful somewhere slammed explosion - the more interesting, because it's all sensation and tickling the nerves. Levitra for sale how much can you tickle? Give people a break, give a good laugh, cry, whisper about love and tenderness. And so exhausted from all that wild prices, wages are not paid, the head of - an idiot children - hooligans ... What we do has its seamy side order levitra?